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Does your child need academic help?  Let Irv know!  Help him help you!  Irv is available for year-round help with writing, study skills or organizational skills involved with middle school, high school or college.  Irv also will offer a writing boot camp in August 2013 for area students taking Honors or Advanced Placement Courses during the 2013-14 school year.  If you're interested in the boot camp or in any other services Irv has to offer, contact him through the information listed below.
Email Irv at or call him at 703-830-7747 or on his cell phone at 301-325-2858.  Please let Irv know the age of your child as well as the type of help you're looking to get.  Don't let your son or daughter continue to struggle.  Irv wants to help and will help.  All you have to do is contact him!
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